Our partnerships combine co-creative and design processes with rigorous quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research.

Core Team

Swiss TPH

Swiss TPH’s vision is to achieve significant improvements of human health and well-being through a better understanding of disease- and health systems and acting on this knowledge. Their mandate is to contribute to the improvement of the health of populations internationally, nationally and locally through excellence in research, services and teaching and training.

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Xavier Bosch-Capblanch

Project Leader, Swiss TPH

Xavier Bosch-Capblanch (XBC) is a Medical Doctor, with an official speciality degree in Public Health and MSc in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (Spain). He is Group Leader at the Systems Support Unit, at the Swiss TPH (Basel). See Bio

Christian Auer

Project Officer, Swiss TPH

Christian Auer is a Public Health Specialist with a focus on the control of tuberculosis and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis at the Swiss Centre for International Health, Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute. See Bio

Meike-Kathrin Zuske

Project Assistant, Swiss TPH

Meike Zuske’s main interest is in the intersection between public health and social sciences and politics. In her postgraduate studies she is taking a critical look at the relation between science and politics and how this relation shapes discursive fields of action.  See Bio

Caitlin Jarrett

Project Associate, Swiss TPH

Caitlin Jarrett, MPH (Imperial College London) supports an interdisciplinary approach to global health.  She has extensive experience in conducting systematic reviews, particularly on immunization and vaccine hesitancy (WHO/LSHTM) and HIV prevention (LSHTM). See Bio

Amanda Ross

Senior Scientific Collaborator, Swiss TPH

Suzanne Gajewski

Clinical Research Associate, Swiss TPH

Clara Waltisperger

Project Accountant, Swiss TPH

Design Partners


gravitytank defines breakthrough products, services and experiences—identifying new opportunities, reinvigorating brands, and disrupting industries to help clients create significant economic value and social impact. Their consultants are diverse in background and aligned in purpose—combining strategy, design, and research to bring clarity to the challenges of innovation.

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David O'Donnell

Associate Partner, gravitytank

David, an associate partner at gravitytank, has developed innovation strategies in multiple industries and has deep experience in the automotive, software and consumer package good industries. See Bio

Amy Guterman

Design Lead, gravitytank

Amy believes in the power of design to create positive change in the world. She has worked on projects aimed at reducing violence in Chicago, redesigning child immunization records, and catalyzing design thinking with healthcare professionals. See Bio

Michelle Curry

Design Research Lead, gravitytank

Michelle collaborates with clients to discover unmet needs and translate those insights into tangible, real-world opportunities for growth. For more than 15 years, she has been helping companies with qualitative and quantitative research. See Bio


YAAY is an information design agency based in Basel. Their aim is to simplify, consolidate and restructure complex information with a creative, thoughtful and attractive design approach. They provide comprehensive, long-lasting and information-oriented communication solutions.  YAAY’s interdisciplinary and intercultural team continuously explore and develop new forms of design by analyzing, structuring and contextualizing data. A strong emphasis on aesthetics underscores this process, culminating in the creation of experiences that visualize complex information and make it tangible and holistic – either analog or digital.

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Darjan Hil

Co-founder, YAAY

Nicole Lachenmeier

Co-founder, YAAY

Country Partners

Côte d’Ivoire



Centre Suisse des Recherches Scientifiques

Côte d’Ivoire

Effective Health Care Research Consortium


Universidade Lúrio


Ministère de la Santé et l'Hygiène Publique

Côte d’Ivoire

National Primary Health Care Development Agency (NPHCDA)


Ministério da Saúde (MISAU)


Technical Advisory Group

Blanche Anya

World Health Organization, AFRO

Blanche is a medical doctor, with a public health background. She worked in Cameroon as pediatrician in a public hospital, then as EPI manager for 3 years before joining WHO country office as focal person for immunization and child health for 12 years.

Abdallah Bchir


Abdallah Bchir is a professor of public health (Medical school Tunisia). He joined Gavi in 2002 and acted as M&E officer and then as  evaluation specialist. Currently, he heads the evaluation unit of Gavi.

David Brown, Chair

Brown Consulting Group International

David Brown, a global public health professional, is Director, Brown Consulting Group International, LLC, a small firm focused on providing assistance in delivering data driven, evidence-based approaches to problem solving and technical support to evaluation and monitoring of population health outcomes while leveraging available evidence to improve the health and well-being of communities more broadly. See Bio

Marta Gacic Dobo

World Health Organization

Marta Gacic Dobo  works in WHO since 1994 on monitoring and evaluation and health statistics. She currently holds a position of Manager, Immunization Strategy Information in department of Expended Programme on Immunization. See Bio

Richard Grefé

AIGA Director Emeritus

Richard Grefé is the director emeritus of AIGA, the professional association for design, the oldest and largest professional association of designers in the United States representing the interests of 27,000 designers working in a variety of communication media and dimensions, ranging from type and book designers to new media and experience designers. See Bio

Sandy Oliver

UCL Institute of Education

Sandy Oliver is Professor of Public Policy at UCL Institute of Education. For twenty five years her interests have focused on the interaction between researchers and people making decisions in their professional and personal lives. See Bio

Chris Wolff

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Chris Wolff is currently a Deputy Director in Vaccine Delivery at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and leads the team that focuses on strengthening immunization systems – the people, processes, products, and financing that are needed to immunize people around the world. See Bio